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Manage Your Leads

Fast-track sales and provide a better customer experience with the flexibility to send quotes, follow up customers, collaborate on leads and forecast revenue.

Provide accountability and transparency to your sales teams and sales managers for all work that has the potential to generate income.

Report on performance and hold your team accountable using dashboards and reports.

Leads Map View

Map view enables you to visualise the location of your customers, leads and opportunities, while allowing you to drag and drop meetings to help plan your on-site visits.

Sales Dashboards & Reports

Reporting and dashboard visualisations help provide the information you need to make informed business decisions about past, present and future performance.

  • Permissions-based sales dashboards with teams viewing
  • Hold each team member accountable for performing their best with full visibility of salesperson-specific pipelines
  • Report on historic or periodic performance using detailed reports which help you uncover and analyse performance trends
  • Estimate future income using our forecasting dashboards
  • View and manage future recurring income using our trailing revenue dashboards


Centralise your quoting functions, stay on top of follow-ups and close more deals – streamline your sales process with powerful quoting tools that help you sell more.

  • Create impressive, branded quotes with our Template Toolkit
  • Add single or multiple items
  • Utilise product grouping and create favourites
  • Track commissions for sales reps
  • Track gross profit by business division
  • Manage suppliers
  • Track recurring income for products and services
  • Track recurring revenue across the business
  • Manage freight pricing

Sales Reps Commissions

Incentives are an important part of driving an effective sales team. CommTrak’s commission tracking allows you to target key sectors or products by customising commission structures and GP targets across your team. That means more motivation and bigger growth.

CommTrak provides visibility of these targets through dashboards and reports, to keep tracking targets and sharing information simple and straightforward.


As technology continues to evolve and security risks increase, it’s important to know your data is secure. With IP-based permissions, password complexity controls and two-factor authentication (2FA) all available, you can be sure your data is safe with CommTrak.

No longer will you have to worry about giving the wrong people access to sensitive information – set permission restrictions for specific data sets, set security permissions at the user level, or assign permissions in bulk using team security settings.

Extensive staff activity reporting is also available to assist with performance coaching and assessing security concerns.

Data Sheets & Form Builders

Stay organised by building data sheets to collect customer and project information online. CommTrak’s form builder allows you to build customer forms for both internal and external functions.

Send beautifully designed, easy-to-use customer surveys, data collection forms or quotes using a unique, secure and trackable URL.

Create internal data collection templates and link them to numerous modules throughout CommTrak.