Customer Management

"Data In - Quality Data Out"


Data integrity is critical to managing any business, and CommTrak provides the tools your business needs to ensure your database is kept up to date and organised.

Customer Importation

Data importation can often be expensive and tricky to manage.

With CommTrak’s simple to use data importation tool, increasing the number of customers in your database has never been so easy.

Whether you’re importing thousands of customers due to an acquisition, or simply onboarding a multi-site customer, CommTrak’s data importation tool will make short work of the normally bloated process.


Duplication Management

Is two better than one? Not when it comes to the quality of your customer data.

Duplication of customer records can present some major challenges when it comes to data integrity. Duplicated customer records create confusion for staff, and inaccuracy with communication and reports.

CommTrak’s duplication management tools provide a sophisticated method to finding and maintaining duplicate customer records in your database.



Customer relationship management – that’s what it’s all about. Ensuring  that your customers are talking to the right people within your business and receiving the excellent service you promised them.

Easily reallocate customer portfolios between staff in one bulk move.

Profile your customers with flags, affiliations or any number of reportable metrics to ensure they can be found and managed with ease.