Projects, Workflow & To-Do

Projects, Workflow & To-Do

Effective teamwork is always an important part of any successful business, and CommTrak’s Workflow and Project Management tools offer the collaborative solution you need.


If effective teamwork is important to the success of your business, our task and project management tools offer the collaborative solution you need.

Create large scale projects that involve smaller tasks assigned to specific employees to help break down workloads.

Easily track and reassign key activities between team members with ease using drag and drop functionality.


Maintain accountability and transparency with CommTrak’s easy to use Workflow Module.

Whether your process involves simple tasks for one team member, or complex and long-term collaboration between multiple team members with numerous tasks – stay organised and never let tasks or projects slip through the cracks.

  • Never miss another deadline, with transparency and visibility for all tasks and workflows across your business.
  • Use the workflow load manager to easily view your team’s workload and reallocate resources as required.


Don’t let anything slip through the cracks in your business, no matter how small. Utilise this quick and simple task manager for allocating those minor, ad hoc tasks which otherwise get lost in emails and chat messages.