Data Sheets & Form Builders

Data Sheets & Form Builders


Stay organised by building data sheets to collect customer and project information online. CommTrak’s form builder allows you to build customer forms for both internal and external functions.

Data Standardisation

Standardising your pre- and post-sales data can be critical to ensuring your customers receive what was promised, within the timeframe they’re expecting.

Using CommTrak’s Data Sheets will ensure the right information is provided at the right time.

Data sheets will follow you throughout the post-sale workflow and be available to view at any stage, in all related modules.

Customer Interaction

Send beautifully designed, easy-to-use customer surveys, data collection forms or service requests using unique, secure and trackable URLs.

Be notified when customers submit their interaction, and view when and from which IP address they accessed your data sheet.


Customer Portal

Give your customers a secure place to order new products or request services jobs, using CommTrak’s Customer Portal.

Specific data sheets can be assigned to various customers for access within the customer portal.