Customer Portal

Customer Portal

CommTrak’s Customer Portal is a secure, digital gateway where your customers can access key pieces of information they need, when they need it.

Minimise repetitive tasks for support teams and increase customer trust by using CommTrak’s dedicated Customer Portal.

Secure Access

CommTrak’s Customer Portal gives customers secure access to their dedicated customer portal using strong 2FA methods of access.

Empower your customers to maintain accurate contact details themselves, further contributing to more secure access controls.

Order Visibility

The customer portal provides a central location for your customers to interact with your support and sales teams.

Give your customers a secure place to order new products using CommTrak’s Data Sheets, which can be allocated to customers for access within the customer portal.

Provide your customers with transparency of their orders by allowing visibility of workflows.

Work Requests

Customers regularly want information on the status of their service and crave the opportunity to login and solve problems on their own.

Minimise your teams’ repetitive tasks by allowing customers to log service jobs, tickets and orders from within their customer portal.

Instantly notify both your customer and internal teams, allowing for a seamless workflow and impeccable customer experience.