Jobs, Managed Services & Ticket Management

Jobs & Ticket Management

Jobs and Tickets are modules within CommTrak which help you streamline customer support activities.

These modules provide all the context you and your service teams need to resolve issues and service your customers, while allowing you to prioritise, track and automate routine support tasks.


Unlike email, CommTrak’s ticketing system is designed for team collaboration and clarity. This means that you can do so much more than just sending replies.

Manage tickets via priority or custom SLAs.

Assign every ticket to a specific user, department, or user within a department, so there is no confusion about who should be working on which task.

Filter and search for tickets based on specific properties, so the most important tickets that users should work on are front and centre.

Track technicians’ billable and non-billable time throughout tickets, and effectivity report on this information using productivity reports.

Working alongside our skills matrix, assign specific call-out and labour rates for each technician.


Sometimes a job just needs to get done! 

Jobs are brilliant in their simplicity  convert tickets to jobs, create jobs for external contractors, or simply allocate a job to an existing user.

Easily allocate work to a technician and have a customer sign-off upon completion.

Track billable time while capturing important onsite information with CommTrak’s data sheets.