Being secure from the growing threat of cyber attacks is a significant part of CommTrak’s goals. We have a complex and broad array of applications and hardware we use to make it possible to achieve that goal. 

Our customers also entrust us with some of their most sensitive information that they rely on day to day. We strive to take the most important measures to make sure our IT environment remains as secure as possible from the increasing array of cyber threats.

Your Data

  • CommTrak provides Australian-based hosting in world class AWS data centres.
  • Each customer using CommTrak has their own dedicated database, isolated from any other customers’ CommTrak interactions.
  • All data is encrypted at rest in accordance with our Cyber Security Policy.

Password Features

IP-Based Permissions

  • Restrict access to CommTrak to within a physical building or location using IP-based whitelisting.

Password Complexity Controls

  • Minimise the chance of brute force attacks or data breaches by increasing the mandatory complexity of users’ passwords.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Utilise 2FA to enhance security by adding an extra step to the login process.
  • 2FA requires a unique code to login, in addition to a password. 
  • Choose from three ways to receive login codes: SMS, email, or authenticator app.

CommTrak Permissions

No longer will you have to worry about giving the wrong people access to sensitive information – set permission restrictions for specific features, modules, reports and customers, and assign them at the user level or in bulk, using staff role security settings.

Extensive staff activity reporting is also available, to assist with performance coaching and assessing security concerns.